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Double the fun

Dr. Rushing is a strong advocate, supporter and participant in continuing education. She recently received her ACE Certificate (Approved Continuing Education) from the Tennessee Dental Association. This recognition is awarded every two years to dentists who have completed twice the required hours of continuing education necessary for licensure. This is the second Certificate of recognition Dr. Rushing has received.

Bear Bash

We enjoy catching up with all of our patients at their visits, but the stories from the Nashville Zoo crew and their experiences with zoo animals ranging from birds, ant eaters, giraffes, or carnivores are always special. This year our office was asked to help sponsor a fundraiser for the upcoming Andean Bear Exhibit at the Nashville Zoo. This year’s […]

November 1st is National Brush your Teeth Day

Last year the Ad Council launched the Kid’s Healthy Mouth Campaign to advocate the importance of kids brushing for two minutes twice a day. What better day to celebrate National Brush Your Teeth Day than the day after Halloween. Children’s teeth are especially venerable as the enamel is not at dense and thick as it is with adult. Also forming […]

Cash for your Candy!

Don’t forget to watch Dr. Rushing on Talk of the Town as she talks about our Halloween Candy Buy Back! Kids are encouraged to “sell” their excess Halloween candy for $1 per pound. The Candy buy back will take place on Monday November 4th from 2:30-5:30. We will continue to accept candy through Thursday the 8th before shipping it to […]

Top 5 Oral Concerns

Top 5 Oral Concerns – All are preventable and treatable! Regular brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups can treat or prevent most conditions on this list. 1. Bad Breath- AKA Halitosis. No one can deny that food choices can pay a part in how fresh your breathe smells, but your daily routine can play a major role as well. Through […]

Saying Goodbye to your Old Toothbrush!

THE AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION STRONGLY SUGGESTS that we replace our toothbrushes every 3–4 months for maximum effectiveness.
Know When To Say Goodbye
Take a close look at your toothbrush bristles. Are they frayed? Smashed? Discolored? Kinda gross? It’s time for a new toothbrush.

If you’re brushing correctly (gently), the signs of a less effective toothbrush may be less visible. That’s why it’s important to mark your calendar! After a […]

The Legend of the Tooth Fairy

THE LEGEND OF THE TOOTH FAIRY has been around for ages. But you may not recognize the winged pixie you know and love from these old traditions…
Originally, Parents Hid Children’s Teeth
Centuries ago in Europe, parents buried their child’s lost tooth in a “tooth garden”.This was believed to prevent an evil witch from stealing the tooth and casting a spell on the child! The same superstition […]

Tooth-Healthy Entertaining Tips

ENTERTAINING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON? Throw a party that your guest’s teeth can appreciate too with some tooth-healthy tips.
Consider Appetizers Light On Sugar And Starch
Sugary, starchy snacks can contribute to tooth decay. Mix up your appetizers with some of these suggestions…

Fresh fruits and vegetables are juicy and scrubby. Eating them is a little bit like washing your teeth. They’re also full of great tooth-healthy vitamins […]

The Year of the Smile

2015: The Year Of The Smile

IT ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT looking like a movie star or supermodel. It’s about feeling confident and comfortable with your healthy smile!
Smiling’s Amazing Benefits
You may not typically think about it this way, but your smile is powerful:

Smiles can make you healthier. Smiling immediately lowers your blood pressure, slows your heart, and boosts your immunity. Endorphins released by smiling counteract stress and […]

Preventative Dentistry for Children

Help Children Get The Preventive Dental Care They Need

MILLIONS OF CHILDREN TODAY aren’t receiving basic, recommended dental care designed to detect and prevent disease. In fact, various surveys conclude that over half of children and adolescents did not visit a dentist in the past year.
Preventative Care For Children Is Essential For Lifelong Health
Childhood caries are the #1 chronic infection in children—AND they’re preventable! Through regular […]